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November 22, 2012

Hotel Intercontinental
Bucharest, Romania


On 17th October 2012, the two ongoing state aid schemes for ensuring a sustainable economic development, which are regulated by the Government Decision no. 1680/2008 and the Government Decision no. 753/2008, were amended in the sense that the period for the payment of the state aids approved based on the financing agreements issued during the schemes was prolonged (Government Decision 998/2012).

According to this amendment, the state aid can be paid until the latest 31st December 2018, within the limits of the approved annual budgetary credits.

Until now, the new investment projects had to be implemented until the end of the year 2013. This important clarification brings, however, the following aspects to the attention of the investors:

− the new investment projects can further be submitted for approval until the end of 2013
− the projects can be implemented also after the end of 2013
− the reimbursement can be asked until the latest 31st December 2018

A window of opportunity is thus opening for the major investments approved until the end of the year 2013 which require a longer implementation period.

The head of the Noerr Finance & Tax team, one of the most experienced professionals in the state aid schemes in Romania will offer key insights and views on aplying for this aid schemes.

The event starts at 9.30 AM with the wellcome coffee and breakfast and will continue with the round table
open discussions to 11.30 AM.

Legal framework for State Aid
Eligible industries and investments for state aid
Aspects of the scheme and duration, total budget available for 2012-2013
State aid for investments exceeding EUR 5 mil.
State aid for investments exceeding EUR 100 mil.
Procedure for obtaining State Aid funds: application, business plan etc.


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